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Scholars at Osseo Middle School visited by Blizzo

Scholars at Osseo Middle School visited by Blizzo

Scholars in Ann Mack’s sixth grade class at Osseo Middle School were recently visited by the snowplow that they had named “Blizzo” during the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) name a snowplow contest last winter. 

The scholars each had the chance to get their picture taken in the driver's seat of the snowplow. They looked at the outside of the plow, where the salt is held and the many buttons that are on the dashboard. They had the opportunity to ask the driver questions, including what it took to drive a snowplow, how long he had been driving and what they did with the plows in the summer. 

"Blizzo" was chosen as one of eight winners in the contest. More than 64,000 people around Minnesota voted for their favorite names, and "Blizzo" was chosen with 14,935 votes, the second most votes of all 60 finalists. The snowplow named "Blizzo" worked to clear streets in the Twin Cities Metro area all winter and MnDOT is planning on having it at the State Fair this summer.

Many media outlets from across the metro area joined the class during their visit with Blizzo. The sixth graders had previously received a shout-out on Twitter from Lizzo thanking them for naming a snowplow after her, which resulted in media coverage for the snowplow and the class.