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Handbook, Expectations & Supply Lists

Helping you live The Oriole Way

Our parent and student handbook provides important information about life at Osseo Middle School, including:

  • Student expectations and The Oriole Way
  • Academic and support services
  • Important phone numbers
  • Daily schedules
  • Dress code
  • School year calendars
  • Student behavior plans and supports
  • Policies your family should know

2023-2024 Parent/Student Handbook (PDF)

An Osseo Middle School student writes on his desk

2024-2025 School Supply Lists

2024-25 Osseo Middle School Supply Lists (PDF)

To receive this document in an alternate/accessible format, please call the school office at 763-391-8800. 

What is The Oriole Way?

At Osseo Middle, staff and students foster a positive, welcoming environment for all. Our school community flourishes when we're responsible, respectful and resourceful—The Oriole Way.


Student expectations:

  • We are in our assigned seat when the bell rings
  • We come prepared with our Chromebook charged and homework completed
  • We bring all necessary materials to class
  • We always have a pass when we leave the classroom
  • We walk quickly and safely to arrive on time to our destination
  • We use our own lockers
  • We keep our technology put away in the hallway
  • We keep our lunch number in a safe spot where we can find it
  • We arrive on time to lunch
  • We clean up after ourselves and others
  • We use the bathrooms only for intended purposes
  • We use time wisely and return to class


Student expectations:

  • We listen to and follow staff directions
  • We use positive and appropriate language
  • We keep technology put away, unless we have teacher permission
  • We walk safely to our destination
  • We keep our hands and all other objects to ourselves
  • We keep hallways clear by walking while we talk
  • We sit at our lunch tables and wait patiently and quietly to be dismissed
  • We listen to and follow staff directions
  • We say please and thank you to our kitchen and custodial staff
  • We respect the privacy of others
  • We have positive and appropriate conversations



Student expectations:

  • We ask for help when we need it
  • We work together to solve problems
  • We listen to other people's ideas and opinions
  • We use our time wisely so we can arrive on time to our destination
  • We ask adults or other students for help when we need it
  • We work together to keep our cafeteria clean
  • We recycle
  • We ask an adult for help when we need it
  • We ensure that no one is eating alone and welcome others to eat with us
  • We keep our bathrooms neat and clean
  • We wash our hands