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School Counseling

Providing educational, social/emotional, and career support to students 

School counselors support student learning through three areas of development: educational, social/emotional, and career.

  • Educational development focuses on study skills, using resources, academic strengths, and future educational planning.
  • Social/emotional development focuses on socialization, self-esteem, relationships, chemical health and citizenship.
  • Career development focuses on career awareness, interests and skills, using resources, and connecting academic classes with future career decisions.

Services are provided through classroom lessons, individual and group counseling, and other methods. Parents are encouraged to contact their child's school counselor with any questions or concerns.

Calming Strategies & Calming Room



Meghan Brawford
Osseo Middle Counselor
Grade 6 (M-Z) & Grade 7
Jenna Johnson
Osseo Middle Counselor
Grade 6 (A-L) & Grade 8
Kim Landstad
Counseling Administrative

Social work

Heather Erickson
Kiley Hafner 

School Based Therapy

Kevin Savela
The Change Inc.